"When you are given wings, don’t let the fear of falling down hold you back from flying"

Rising is a process, which involves faith, confidence and acceptance. Faith on yourself- to keep your spirits high and stay determined, Confidence on your skills-to focus on your goals and to gather courage, Acceptance of disappointments- to keep you going and to refrain from losing hope. Sky One Airways is proud to be on the verge of success to soar high in its constant progression. We have solely devoted ourselves to Sky One’s growth as we stand by it determinedly, to accelerate its pace towards the pinnacle of notable success and to achieve a renowned name in the aviation industry.

Over the years, Sky One has continued to evolve into an organization, serving its clients with exceptional dedication, integrity and perseverance to be able to provide quality-driven services to form deep-rooted ties with our clientele. With the aid of consistent support of our committed team members, we have been able to see the rise of Sky One to new heights with new objectives to explore new dimensions. While the aviation industry today has given rise to increasingly tough competition, financial discipline has emerged as one of the most crucial keys to achieving sustainable growth. Being completely aware of this fact, Sky One Airways continues to execute its enduring, value based growth program by cost effective management being shaped as a central principle.

Our commitment of unconditional customer satisfaction remains steadfast as we aspire to invest in expanding our current fleet to raise the standards of our services and target a wider client base without any loss in momentum. Development in our fleet will be one of the fundamental dynamics of our perpetual growth as per our systematic adherence to our company’s growth plan. Going by that, Sky One will walk hand in hand with the budding industry for mutual benefits to generate and integrate innovative solutions, giving rise to a brilliant tomorrow.